Better Late Than Never - Bang Bus

Channel: Bang Bus

Hey there ladies and gentlemen before I give you a brief description of this amazing update I feel the need to apologies for missing an update this but I promise I will make it up to you guys! On to the action were out doing what we do and we run into this couple and the guy had a strong accent(Nyc) so I knew that they were tourist and out to have some fun so ofcourse I threw some money there way and they bit. The girl was quite friendly when she came in the bus unveiling herself the works! so I had to ask them to do something for us and guess what they jumped at the idea and let me tell you guys that they were amazing! the girl was so fine with her big fat tits and ass and its all for you my beautiful fans! Aagin I am sorry for the mishap this week but I will make it up to you guys...Much Luv Preston,Stay tuned!